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a) Procedure for furnishing credit information:

As per S. 45-D, a banking company for any financial arrangement entered into or proposed to be entered into by it, with any person, may make an application to the RBI in such form as the RBI may specify requesting it to furnish the applicant with such credit information as may be specified. On receiving such application, the RBI shall as soon as possible supply the applicant with the credit information in its possession. The information so furnished shall not disclose the names of the banking companies which have submitted such information to the RBI. The RBI may charge certain fees, not exceeding Rs. 25 for furnishing such credit information. All such information shall be treated as confidential and shall not be publically disclosed except for the purpose of Chapter III of the RBI Act.

However, these norms for disclosure shall not apply to -
i) the disclosure by any banking company, with the previous permission of the RBI, of any information furnished to the Bank under section 45C
ii) the publication by the Bank, if it considers necessary in the public interest so to do, of any information collected by it under section 45C, in such consolidated form as it may think fit without disclosing the name of any banking company or its borrowers
iii) the disclosure or publication by the banking company or by the RBI of any credit information to any other banking company or in accordance with the practice and usage customary among bankers or as permitted or required under any other law
iv) the disclosures of any credit information under the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005

Furthermore, no court, tribunal or other authority shall compel the Bank or any banking company to produce or to give inspection of any statement submitted by that banking company under section 45C or to disclose any credit information furnished by the Bank to that banking company under section 45D.


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